Lambeth’s Kerbside Strategy

Today, 94% of our kerbside is used to manage parking, but only 40% of households own a car.

Our streets need to be used in a more fair and sustainable way. Our Kerbside Strategy will help to make this happen.

What is the kerbside?

The kerbside - most easily recognised today as the space where cars park - is one of the largest public spaces in Lambeth.

A typical Lambeth kerbside, dominated by car parking.

How big is it?

football pitches
Brockwell parks
Lambeth's kerbside streches an impressive

linear metres - that's the same distance from Lambeth to Edinburgh.

How is it used today?

94% is used to manage parking. This means only 6% is used for sustainable uses.

A journey through Lambeth's kerbside

% of Lambeth Kerbside

Sustainable uses of the kerbside:
  • SuDs, street trees
  • Community and business parklets
  • Cycle lanes
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Bus lanes and bus stops
  • Shared Scooter / Bike Bay
  • Car Club Bay
  • EV Bay
  • School Keep Clear
  • Taxi Bay
  • Cycle Hangars
  • Loading & disabled bays

It's time to rethink what the kerbside is, and who it's for...

We've got four priorities for the kerbside, with 'kerbside basics' linked to each one. The basics set out minimum expectations for every street across the borough by 2030. You can read more about them in the full strategy, linked below.

Priority One

Enable accessible and active travel